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Laura Marie

Christine Greenhow and Beth Robelia Reading and Response

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This was an excellent reading and I could not agree more with both women that social networking sites as well as other new literacies should be integrated into school curriculums because they can help students academically.  Now I am not saying that students should be able to post on Facebook all day, but what we do in this class is social networking and it has helped me grow academically and technolocially in a time when I felt I was falling behind my fellow students because I was almost 10 years older than  most of them and did not use SNSs and other programs as much as they did.  This reading rmeinded me a lot of the first reading we did in class: Boyd's "Its Complicated," which also discussed SNS amongst high school students and a major theme in both readings was the misconceptions that adults had about the usefullness of social networling, and how it could assist students in learning and growing instead of destroying literacy like many parents and administrators accused.

I really liked that they based their study around children from low-income families because these children are usually the ones who don't get to have as much access to new forms of technology both at home and more troubling at school because their neighborhood schools are usually under-funded and unequipped with the same materials that more affluent school systems have.  These students desperately need access to technology to help them compete with other students at their level when it comes to acceptance into college and chances at employment.  If society continues this ignorant idea that social networking and other computer programs do not help children grow both academically and socially then we are not giving our children their best chances at development and growth.

The main purpose of their study, at least the pages we were assigned, seems to be trying to reach a goal of introducing more new literacies into school systems and curriculums inclusing SNSs and I agree completely.  If controlled like they are in our EDU 106 class, they can be very beneficial in students education.