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I reached out previously and hadn’t heard back from you yet. This tells me a few things:

1) You're being chased by a T-rex and haven't had time to respond.
2) You aren't interested.
3) You're interested but haven't had a time to respond.

Whichever one it is, please let me know as I am getting worried! Please respond 1,2, or 3. I do not want to be a bother.

================================Original Message=================================


I am Alex editor at Guru99. There is some chance you will not open this email considering its automated cold mail.

But I must highlight I enjoyed your content at

I could not help noticing you linked to . I have created a more-in depth article at .

Can you link to us? I did be happy to share your page with our 25k Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin Followers as a thank you.

Alex Nordeen, Dec 28 2019 on