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Laura Marie

Construction and/or Creation of Online Content

2 min read

I was unclear on somethings in this aritcle, but I do inderstand that O'Byrne was speaking of the need to expand Online Reading Comprehension (ORC) which is why he created the concept of Online Content Construction or (OCC).  He seemed to be saying that for students to thrive in their comrehension of online material they need to also incorporate creativity, composition design skills and communication.  To do this he believes there needs to be more of a focus on creating, but even more so- constructing online content.  I liked what he said about the difference between creating and construction. While many people may think they mean the same thing, construction takes mote detail and work to build or comprehend something "brick by brick" and therefore creates a better understand in the completed project.I really liked the line "construction is equal parts inspiration and perspiration" because I agree that creating and understand online content takes a lot of hard work, especially when you get into the construction aspect like we have in this class.  This class has taken me to such a more intensive level of the internet that I was always ignorant of and am amazed at how it has helped me in my comprension as well as my creativity and interest in learning online.

I believe that our class was fillled with aspects of OCC that O'Byrne talked about.  For example the aspect of learning in groups and how that includs elements of social and cognitive constructivism.  I believe that is what we have done on our blogs by sharing our projects and ideas with one another and replying to others ideas to try and build on them.  While I know I did not do a good job with commenting and participating in others work, I did take the time to read through their posts and it helped me learn from them as much as I learned from Dr. McVerry.  I do see the importance now of constructing online content that I may have never been able to see if it wasn't for this class.