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Laura Marie

My Final is Finally Done- My Process

4 min read

I was pretty excited to put my final together.  Even though most of this was done in the last week, I feel like I got a crash course in everything we learned this semester and I am still proud of everything I accomplished so I wanted to show it off.  I chose the first option because it seemed to fit well with Template 2 and Template 1 wasn't working so I decided it must have been fate.  It was fairly simple to put the about me page and screencast in as I just needed to replace the links.  The blog pages were a litle more involved since they needed to be linked to a different page and then linked to my blog, but I still found it pretty easy to complete.  It's pretty cool that when this all started, I thought the coding and html was going to be impossible and so complicated, but it really wasn't.  Granted I may not be at the point where I could create it from scratch, but I am actually interested in learning after all this.  

I wanted to make my portfolio as much my own as I could so I changed the background.  Ironically I used the photo I was planning on using for my Pixlr remix- I figured it should come into use somehow even if it wasn't used for what I had meant it to be primarily.  I changed the colors on the css page, which again was really easy to do now that I have done it a few times.  I chose my favorite color combination: pink, blue and purple (yes girly, I know).  The one thing I was struggling with was trying to link my blog page back to the home page.  For some reason when I would click on the link it would go to an "about:blank" page.  I could not figure out why because the coding did seem to be correct.  The weirdest part is, when I published it and went to the finished project, it worked fine.  So I am not sure why it wasn't working when I was putting it together, but I guess the finished product is what matters.

The three blog posts that I chose were the three that were closest to my heart.  I chose the first real post I did; "The Ugliness of Addiction, the Beauty of Recovery." I chose that because it was a really big deal for me to talk about my struggles with addiction because it is something that I don't really talk about outside of my family and friends and my program.  What had pushed me to write about it was the hope that if there was anyone in the class that was struggling with something similar or knew someone who was, that it would help them see they are not alone and that there is help and more importantly, hope.  On the same topic, my second post was about social media and anonymity because I believe it was a way to relate something that was very important to me to the subject matter of class and again to spread awareness on a topic people don't normally talk about.  The final post I chose was the meaning behind my six word memoir because I felt it delved into another important part of my life, my family and I also thought it showed a side of me that wasn't shown in any other blog post.

All in all, I am proud of the final result of my portfolio.  I think it shows what I have learned in the class and that I have gained skills that I definitely did not have when the semester began.  Check out the link below to see for yourself!

My Portfolio