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Laura Marie

My Frustrating and Unsuccessful Attempt at Remixing a Photo

4 min read

As I have found these last few days, most of the assigned projects we had to do- a six word memoir, about me page, hacking an author's credibility, etc... have actually been a lot easier than I could have ever imagined, and I was so proud of myself everytime I got the hang of it and completed each project.  Unfortunately there is one assignment that I struggled with during the Maker Monday Challenge, and is continuing to elude me today: remixing a photo.  When we did it in class, I was having fun with it.  I had this whole idea planned out that I was going to remix an image from "Family Guy" of Brian dressed as a banana and Peter sitting on the couch (great scene with the "PBJ time dance," one of my favorite episodes) and I was going to change their faces to be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump...I was SO excited.  At first it was going well, using the Pixlr photo editor I understood the layers and how to cut certain things from each picture and layer them onto others to create my remixed photo.  At some point it all started going wrong and every time I tried to layer a new image, it either came in too small or was way too big and not aligned correctly, and I could not figure out how to adjust the size of it.  Dr. McVerry saw my frustartion and came to help, and he showed me how to adjust it.  Unfortunately I have a horrible short term memory and forgot how he did it and 3 minuteds later I was screwing uo again.  I remember getting really frustrated and wanted to ask for hel again, but he was assisting other students and class was about to be over so I got mad at myself for not being able to figure it out, deleted my image and said I would figure it out over the week before it was due.

Obviously like other things in this class, I did not finish it when I was supposed to and kept putting it off which takes us to the present.  I just finished my fourth back to back analysis if one of the assigned readings and needed a break and since besides the final project which I was going to do last, the only other project I had left was the photo.  So I hoped that after doing so well with the other assignments the last few days, I would finally be able to figure this out.  Again I had an idea all ready- I was going to post a picture of my dog Max and photoshop him into a beach scene with sunglasses and a blurb saying "Jealous?"  I think it was my subconsiouses way of pointing out how jealous I actually was that my boyfriend is currently on a cruise to Central America with his family and I'm in my bedroom doing all this makup work.  Anyways, I started off strong, got the picture of my dog and then found a good beach picture and put that in, but again when I did that the size was all off.  I tinkered with the image size, but it was focused on a certain part of the picture and only sized that and I could not figure out how to get it off.  So I started again and did the beach picture first and then cut away the place where I planned for Max to go using the "lasso" tool, but again when I went to layer in the image of Max it was all out of alignment and I could not get Max centered in the picture no matter what I tried.  I still have other things to finish and I get so easily frustrated that I gave up again.

I really hate giving up though and I want to learn how to do this remix so I will try again after I do a couple more posts, but if anyone is reading this (longshot I know) and has some suggestions that would be awesome because I would like to have a pictuere of Max on the beach with sunglasses on because who wouldn't?