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Laura Marie

My Screencast and a Random Post on How I Made it

3 min read

I have to say, making the screencast was probably the easiest of the projects I have done for this class, which is surprising because I was afraid it would be the hardest.  I had no idea where to start since I have never done one before and even though I saw Dr. McVerry do a ton of them, I still was not sure how he did them.  Luckily there is this search engine called google so I searched "how to make a screencast," and found a wikihow page that said to find a free screencasting software so again I went to Google, typed in "Free screencast software" and found screencast-o-matic which is one of the programs that the Wikihow page suggested using so I downloaded it.  

Next I had to come up with a topic and I chose to show how to do the biography page because I felt the most confident about explaining how to make that.  The program was pretty easy to navigate so I just had to pull up my "About Me' page and hit record.  Now I am not the best public speaker- not that I get nervous because I'm not really shy, but I know that I sometimes have issues with forgetting what I'm gonna say or pausing or even stammering a little so doing a live "how to" video where I had to speak the whole time was a bit daunting.  During my first attempt I think I paused the screencast almost 12 times because I was unsure what I should say next.  Obviously I decided to scap that one and try again.  This time I told myself I was just gonna work through it even if I messed up on a word or paused for a few seconds because I assumed that Dr. McVerry did not expect us to be professional screen-casters, plus I know he's paused or forgotten something on screen-casts he has made for us so I figured he would understand hahaha.  

So I started by remixing my own page, and just went through step by step of what I did from what I had learned by reading the tutorial.  And yes, I did mess up a few times and pause or stutter, but I just kept pushing through.  I think I paused it one time because I drew a complete blak towards the end, but then I picked up where I left off and completed it.  I first tried to upload it to YouTube, but it would not work so I did it to screencast-o-matic instead and below you will find the finished product.

I actually had fun doing this project, but then again I am finding that most of the projects we have done were a lot more fun than I originally thought they would be.  Now it is 2am and I have to try and put my final project together...really kicking myself for all that procrastination now!


My Screencast