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Laura Marie

Random Post on the Meaning Behind my 6 Word Memoir

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I knew it was important to do a post on how I created my memoir using the tools we learned in class and my own knowledge I have gained throughout the semester, but I really liked the meaning behind this project and I wanted to do a post about why I chose those words and what they mean to me.

So first I was, trying to decide if I was going to use all descriptive words like funny, caring, smart etc... and of course I did put a couple of those in there, but I realized that this was about finding 6 words that describe my life, and my life most importantly is about my family who have stuck by me and supported me through some pretty horrible things in my life both of my own making and circumstances out of my control. My family is still pretty dysfunctional and we have all had some very tough things go on which could have torn other families apart and almost tore ours apart a couple times, but the things is those things ended up finally bringing us together and we are stronger and closer than most families could hope to be.  

Anyway, the first word I used was a no brainer: AUNT... if I could have used two words it would have said Auntie Laura or Auntie Weewaa as my niece Kali use to call me.  I have three nieces Kali: 7, Josselyn: 5 and Delaney: 4; Kali and Josselyn are sisters, but all three of them are as close as sisters because of how close my sisters and I are.  Those three little girls are my heart and I would do anything for them.  There is no feeling like walking into either of my sister's houses and having my nieces scream "AUNTIE!!" and come running up and jump into my arms- I am admittedly tearing up thinking about it...happy tears of course! It is one of the cool things about being quite younger than my sisters because I was only 21 when Kali was born and I'm still such a big kid that I play around with them and get to be the "fun aunt"

That goes right into the second word: SISTER.  If someone wanted me to really get technical, I guess I would have to say "half-sister" because we have different fathers, but I am their sister in every way that matters and there is no half about it.  Like I said, my sisters are older: 7 and 9 years older to be exact.  My sister Deanna who is the older of the two, has been my rock my whole life.  We had a tough childhood and she was there to help take care of me when my parents couldn't.  My sister Karen and I had a bit of a rougher start as kids since I took over the "baby" position, but we are closer than ever.  Once I became an adult our whole dynamic changed and they both became more than my sisters...they are my best friends.  I do have a brother as well and I love him dearly, but unfortunately because he is sick (he is an alcoholic/addict) and is not ready to get sober he is not part of our lives, but I still reach out to him occasionally and let him know I love him and I am here for him when he is ready to try and change things.  As I have talked about, I have had my own issues with addiction so I do not judge him, I just can't have him in my life when he is still living that way.  I am still his sister though so he is still a part of that word and what it means to me.

The third word: SILLY is pretty self explanatory- I try not to take myself too seriously and after allt hats happened in my life, I like to try and look at the lighter side of things.  The fourth word: STRONG is more metaphorical than litteral. Although it is a picture of me at the gym and I have gotten stronger physically since working out, the strength that represents me is deeper than that.  I believe I am strong because I have overcome so many things in my life and didn't let them destroy me.  Even though I have stumbled and fallen quite a few times, I have ALWAYS gotten back up and kept fighting and that is what strength is to me.  The fifth word is again pretty self-explanatory: Dog-lover.  That is a picture of my dog Maximus- Max for short, though he is actually more the sixe of a pony which is why I call him my little pony.  I've had three dogs throughout my life, and they have all been part of my family.  The small time periods I went without having a dog always seemed kind of empty.

The last word was LUCKY, and I chose a picture of my faimily- well most, my sister Deanna was taking the picture and I think one of the nieces may have been sleeping on a couple chairs.  It was from our cruise to Bermuda last year- me, my parents, my sisters their husbands and their kids...11 all together! It was the most amazing week of my life being able to share such an experience with all of them.