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This is for my EDU-106 class at SCSU. I'm pretty excited to learn about how to make this better than what it is now.

Laura Marie

My About Me Page and a Random Post on Completing it.

4 min read

So when I first clicked on the Remix button to start this project, I was a little uneasy.  I am so far behind in this class that I was afraid I would completely blow it and now be able to do anything.  To my surpise though, as soon as I looked at the index I saw code that I recognized realizing that I actually have learned quite a bit in this class.  Of course I still had to use the tutorial because some of it was unfamiliar to me, like the links for email, blog etc... Dr. McVerrys tutorial was so clear cut and all I had to do was find each line and it was easy to do the rest.  I wanted to change the colors because I am a very colorful person so I went into the css file and starting with the header I went into the color picker and played around a bit.  I chose red because as I had spoken about in my blog post about Dr. McVerry's article, "Small Differences Matter" the color red can be associated with power or passion, and I wanted my name to give off the feeling of both.  Then I decided to change the background color and even though that wasnt specifially included in the tutorial, I was able to find it by looking for the line in CSS and knowing that was for the whole entire page, I went to the background line and chamged it to lime green because...well, lime green is funky and loud, kind of like me.  

So I was really nervous about changing the links.  My first thought was to just delete all of them, but I wanted to make this page the best it could be so I attempted to do it.  It was actually so simple! Just like Dr. McVerry pointed out on the tutorial video he posted on the stream, i just had to delete the boxes I didn't want- the resume because I havent updated mine in a few years, the github one and twitter because believe or not, I do not have a twitter account.  Once I did that, all I had to do to change the links to my blog and email were to literally take out Dr. McVerry's info and put mine in, it kind of blew my mind how simple it was.  For so long I looked at HTML as this impossible part of a computer that I would never understand and the more I work with it the more I realize it is not as scary as I once believed.

So I couldn't use the selfie option for my photo because my three month old laptop broke (I'm not saying it was my fault for warranty reasons so as far as you know, it just wouldn't turn on) a week ago so I am using my old ancient laptop wothout a built in camera.  Luckily we are in an era where we have mini computers in our pockets or purses at all times so I took a selfie on my cellphone and uploaded it.  Again, it was as simple as Dr. McVerry said it would be and after that all that was left was to put in my own description about myself, and then change the backround image.  I will admit that I just used one of the sample photos that was on my ancient computer so that is why there was no link at the bottom, just a descritpion of a lighthouse. After that I just hit publish and was done.  

I really enjoyed this project and I'm hoping it will help with the six word memoir project because I tried doint that yesterday and was having a lot of trouble putting the pictures on there, but I think I  figured out what I was doing wrong and have confidence now that I can do it right.